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Alerts in Visor

We just added a new section about alerts of Visor 1.0


Visor is a lightweight video analytics tool for security. It has built-in face recognition integrated with access control. You can log and trace faces. It raises alarms based on your alert settings. Visor is built on top of Event Gates video analytics software VIS utilizing it's API's and Event Gates V3 cloud.

Visor is in private beta phase. We are expecting to release a public beta soon, so stay tuned for upcoming announcement.


Visor is a ready made surveillance tool. Capture your audience's faces, may it be your employees or students or visitors, and immediately start tracking. Visor is capable of integrating into existing IP cameras, so you don't have to invest into new cameras.

Visor works with any type IP and USB camera. Effect of resolution on range performance can be adjusted with detailed control features of Visor over camera feed so eventually it offers a face recognition solution for almost any surveillance problem in any environment.

Access Control

You can use Visor for access control as well. Event Gates Ghost II access control panel has built in Visor support so you can easily integrate Ghost to a Visor camera for opening a gate or a turnstile. Built in logging mechanism also records all access with camera capture so you always have proof who's going in and out.

In the video left we demonstrate Visor use in an access controlled gate with a turnstile.

(Check out our YouTube page for more..)


Visor is a ready made tool for common video analytics and access control needs. If you need a custom face recognition of intelligent video analytics solution, check with us what we can build on VIS.

So what is VIS?

VIS is our intelligent video information system which Visor is built on. VIS has certain detection and recognition features as well as fundamental image and video processing functionality which allows our partners and us to build video analytic solutions on VIS.

Here's a sample from our precious partner Ozak:

This is a high security man trap turnstile by Ozak with integrated face recognition built on Event Gates VIS.

Front end and device integration developed by Ozak R&D team.

VIS is only available to partners. If you're also interested in developing products that leverage VIS video analytics power, please give us a call.