Alerts in Visor

Alerts in Visor

As of version 1.0 Visor supports several alert types:

Unknown face alert

This alert can be set for each camera separately and be monitored both visually and audibly. Alert triggers when VIS detects a face and fails to match a known person. It's a very convenient solution to monitor secured areas for strangers. This alert doesn't create logs.

Face session

Face session alert can be used to track known people in time intervals. This alert creates a log record with a witness image and interval can be set between 10 minutes to 24 hours.

First Seen and Last Seen Alerts

These alerts are set to the system as a whole and creates a log record for any known person when they are seen for the first time after an alarm reset or timestamp and camera for their last record before a reset. So, these alarms can be used for employee attendance given they make sure they will be recognized by a camera as soon as they arrive or before they leave.


Any face detected, know or unknown, during defined off hours creates a log record with a witness image.

Soon Visor Alerts will also support messages.