Camera Settings

Setting up a camera

Event Gates VISOR supports both IP and Web cameras. You can change a list of parameters through camera settings page of the application to adjust camera feed and processing and obtain best results.

Camera Type: IP and web cams are supported

IP: IP address of the camera (for IP cameras only)

Username: Credentials to access feed from IP camera

Password: Credentials to access feed from IP camera

Camera Name: A description for the camera which will appear on feed display and respective logs

Socket: Port number to communicate with the VIS service for this camera. Make sure to claim an unused socket for each camera.(e.g: 5001, no defaults)

Upsample Rate: Visor is capable to improve images obtained from camera for better recognition accuracy but it effects performance accordingly. 0 upsample is default for unaffected images, 1 improves image quality 100%. Only positive values accepted.

Threshold: Recognition threshold rate defines minimum accuracy level for accepted recognition. Keep in mind that this is not a percentage value. Use 0.5 if unsure. Lower means more strict. Accepts values between 0 and 1.

Resolution: Use resolution rate to decrease image size for better performance. Value of 1 uses default obtained image whereas 0.5 decreases image by half in size. Smaller images processed faster but recognition distance and accuracy may drop.

Model: Should VIS work on CPU or GPU? . Accepts "hog" and "cnn" (without quotes). Use "hog" if unsure.

Jitter: Augmentation variable on the faces . Accepts positive integers. Greatly reduces performance. Use 0 if unsure.

Rotation: Rotates camera feed by given angle before processing. Keep in mind that face recognition works with face shots from direct angle to the face.

Frames to Grab: Quick advice: for IP cameras leave at 4. Depending on camera, feed is faster then most devices can process. In case you'd like to keep up with current feed you need to grab the most recent frame. VISOR allows you fine tune this parameter.

Frames to Skip: Unsupported for current version. Please leave at 0.

Parameters: This is your camera's RTSP connection string based on ONVIF standards.