How to Install

Version 1.0.623.1933 PB

1. Expand to a preferred location.

2. Run installer.bat file.

It will create a folder named Event Gates under Program Files and register a Windows Service for VIS.

3. Signup

Make sure you're connected to internet, submit a username and password.

When done application will launch. Now Visor is running.

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4. Register faces

In case there's just one web cam, pay attention that faces must be registered before camera is added to surveillance. Visor does not reuse a camera both for registration and recognition.

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5. Register a camera

Keep in mind that registered built in web cam cannot be used for face registration but you can delete it from cameras and re-add after registering new faces.

To add built-in web cam, parameter must be set to 0. Check cameras section in documentation for adding IP cameras.

You're there!

After adding a camera you're all set. Just switch to feed and start recognition.


  • When you log out, you just close the application but VIS service keeps running. VIS is an resource consuming service and you may need to manually shut it down in case you're just testing or doing demos.
  • Visor uses port 5000 for default VIS connection. In case this port is in use by another application you may need to free it or change in configuration.
  • Use any available port other then 5000 for camera configurations.
  • Visor 1.0.623 is only compatible with Intel i and m-series CPU's.
  • Visor 1.0.623 relies on an active internet connection most of the time, if not all.


  • Please keep in mind that 1.0.623 is a private beta only available for invited users. If you have this version feel free to test it unless there's a newer version. If there's a newer public beta we may not be able to support this version.
  • Please use this beta version only for testing and at your own risk. We offer the application and underlying software as-is without any warranties and liabilities.
  • Please consider that we are collecting information regarding your usage. We collect face mappings which are not reversible or only to some extend reversible, names and other information you submit. We also log usage information. We do not record camera feed locally or remote. Visor does not grant us or any third party access to your camera.